2008-06-03 14:15:17 by WeRBopBop

Thank you so much Newgrounds for the Daily Feature award on 6/3/08 for weRbopbop #15: Madness BopBop.

Thanks 'linhill' for requesting

Our animation is based on requests and you can make one any time at our website

Top requests are turned into an episode each week.

The creators are two brothers who do this for fun. We spend a lot of time after our day jobs to make this weekly animation and we are so thrilled that NG is enjoying the fruits of our labor

Thanks again NG for watching, requesting....and VOTING!



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2008-06-03 21:58:48

I won't lie, that was fantastic.


2008-06-04 15:34:07

i agree with polish, that was some of the best work you have ever done


2008-06-05 09:38:43

- How can you spit out so many awesome flashes in such short time? Please show us how it's done, and include a man who's in love with a bicycle


2008-06-12 03:57:38

Hey muh brother.
You gonna add the new episode to Newgrounds?
I'll vote for it fully hardcore.