NEW EPISODE - #18 Back-door to the Future

2008-07-09 11:19:10 by WeRBopBop

WeRBopBop #18: Back-door to the Future is up

thanks for watching and requesting!

the conley bros

NEW EPISODE -  #18 Back-door to the Future


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2008-07-09 13:36:13

Shit dude.... you pump these things out like twice a week.


2008-07-09 16:44:50

Where is 16?


2008-07-09 17:33:10

i agree with pig-fart...

WeRBopBop responds:

ha twice a week yeah that would be nice....we were going once a week but wanted to pull back to work on our website....we now post every other week....we still may pull back more so we can get our site in order which would include implementing a forum so we can all chat and other new areas for bopbop land...have you guys checked those out yet?....hint: click on the compass to open up a map....and keep on clicking on shit;)

thanks for watching,



2008-07-09 20:04:42

Nice effecient (sp? I'm a tard) work. BUT WHERE IS #16?!

WeRBopBop responds:

hey sorry man but we didn't post 16 on can see that one and all the other ones at

and see my response above for some added fun

thanks for watching, and clicking around



2008-07-09 23:42:24

Your professor looks almost exactly like a character I designed for a game three months ago.
You been hacking into my private artist discussion groups? XD

(Updated ) WeRBopBop responds:

you know what professor bopbop would say...that is if he doesn't fall into his own asshole again...great minds think alike;)



2008-07-10 09:59:26

Haha, that was so disturbing.


2008-07-10 10:29:44

The kiddish presentation makes it even more hilarious.


2008-07-10 11:17:41

Dude how do you make these things so freakin fast?!?!?!?

WeRBopBop responds:

coffee and alcohol seem to be doing the trick for now....just think if we didn't have real jobs to tend to...gotta pay the bills though


2008-07-11 21:54:21

I always knew of goatse, but I'd never seen it before

Thanks. Damn you

It was funny though


2008-07-25 18:40:20

itsthe best series on newgrounds!!!