2008-09-05 17:09:32 by WeRBopBop

My brother and I just wanted to say thanks to all those users making supportive comments, you really make our day when we read them....everyday;)

And to you fuckers who talk shit....we love that too so thank you.

Thanks for being patient as we've been working on a few things for our website and our request system. We're constantly trying to make it easier and more fun for our users so thanks for staying tuned... we're really excited about the new things we are working on at

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Bopbop Land Map, I suggest you click on the 'compass' at and explore the Bopbop locations like the Fucking Forest, Bamboo Grove and a brand new location Best Try Circuit World (which includes the gayest game ever made).

Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you in Bopbop Land.

Sebastian and Ben



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2008-09-12 21:21:42

So will there be no more stuff on Newgrounds?


2008-09-16 01:57:10

D: u should put the John Rambo McCain vs Obama Bin Laden thats one AWSOME


2008-09-17 10:51:13

cool ... very very cool liked werbopbop #20